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Dog Gets Bit By Rattlesnake Trying To Protect Its Owner!

Poor doggy!

On Friday, while Arizona-native Paula Godwin was on a hike with her pet dog Todd, she almost stepped on a scary rattlesnake.

Fortunately for the pet owner, her Golden Retriever jumped in front of her leg, preventing a nasty attack. Sadly, the serpent ended up biting the innocent mutt, causing its cheek to swell up!

As seen on Paula’s Facebook page:

Luckily, the hound was taken to the Anthem Animal Hospital for treatment, and is expected to make a full recovery.

In a recent interview with FOX 10 Phoenix, Godwin called the canine “her hero.”

After the inspiring story went viral, Twitter users couldn’t contain their excitement! See the best reactions (below):

[Image via ITV1.]

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