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19 Cat Owners Who Are a Little Too Extra

August 6, 2018

As you are probably already aware, a lot of people on the Internet are huge fans of cats. Can you blame them? Advertisement Just look at this adorable ball of sleepy fluff: This cat has his own iPad. via: Twitter And his own yurt. He’s clearly living his best life. Advertisement Going up? Bedtime! via: […]

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19 Tips That Could Literally Save Your Life Someday

August 3, 2018

Like most people, you probably think that if you ever found yourself in a dangerous or life-threatening situation, you would rise to the occasion and save your life (as well as the lives of those around you.) In reality, though, people don’t “rise to the occasion.” They sink to their level of training. You can’t […]

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19 Stories of People Who Really, Really Dont Know How to Budget

July 29, 2018

Everyone likes to splurge on something every once in a while. Assuming you’ve paid all your bills and it won’t cause any huge problems down the line, there’s no harm in spending a little extra money on something you really want. Advertisement But some people don’t seem to understand the concept of a “tiny splurge.” […]

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19 People Reveal the Things They Miss Most from the 2000s

July 29, 2018

Things have changed so much since the early 2000s. We’re definitely getting to the point where people are looking back on them fondly and wishing they could go back to a much simpler time. Advertisement And for good reason! They were some good years! The fashion! The video games! The cartoons! This will surprise people, but […]

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20 People Begrudgingly Admit the Most Embarrassing Moment of Their Lives

July 21, 2018

We’ve all done embarrassing things. Most of the time, you can get through life without obsessing over every embarrassing mistake you’ve ever made. But every once in awhile, you’ll find yourself unable to sleep at night because you’re too busy reliving every single cringe-worthy decision. Next time that happens, try to resist falling down the […]

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19 Pets Who Saved Their Humans Lives

July 18, 2018

When you bring an animal into your life, you expect to have a companion who will keep you company and maybe perform some tricks for your amusement. You don’t expect that they’ll one day save your life. Advertisement Honestly, sometimes it feels like we don’t deserve pets. Todd the Golden Retriever via: Imgur This is […]

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30 Adorable Pets Who Just Stopped Working

July 17, 2018

Animals: we love them, they’re adorable. Sometimes they do the most adorably puzzling things. From strange sleeping poses to hilarious attempts at ‘walking the dog,’ this thread will give you all the laughs and all the cute vibes. So check out these 30 marvelous malfunctioning pets! Advertisement Behold, the master of hide-and-seek! via: Reddit He […]

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39 Self-Proclaimed Ugly Ducklings Who Had a Total Glow Up

July 14, 2018

Some people are attractive for their entire lives. For others, it may take a little bit of time and work. Advertisement But when the transformation finally occurs — Wowza! These pictures were taken four years apart. via: Reddit She grew her hair out, got braces, and, in her own words, “bit by bit I started […]

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These 30 Celebrity Wills Are Absolutely Insane

July 13, 2018

The proceedings for a last will and testament are usually simple. Most people divvy up their estates between family and friends and call it a day. Sometimes, however, a will won’t be so straightforward. These 30 famous individuals made it very clear what they wanted in their wills, and you won’t believe their requests! Maybe […]

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40 Insane Overheard at Walmart Conversations

July 5, 2018

Not only is Walmart a weird, contained microcosm of whichever town it’s in, it’s also always reliably filled with some strange people. These 40 conversations, which were overheard at Walmart, will make you go, “WHAT?! OK, yeah, that makes sense. It’s Walmart.” Advertisement The party with the horse via: Twitter This is incredible. Just the […]

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