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Melania Trump: ‘I really don’t care, do you?’ jacket did send message

October 22, 2018

First lady contradicts earlier claims jacket had no hidden meaning as she backs chain migration opposed by her husband Melania Trump has admitted she was sending a message when she wore an olive jacket emblazoned with the words I really dont care, do u? while travelling to visit migrant children separated from their parents in […]

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US immigrants stop using public benefits over fears of new Trump rule

October 1, 2018

Critics attack shameful proposal that would make it harder for people who have used public benefits to obtain visas or green cards US immigrants have begun to remove themselves from public housing waiting lists, childcare subsidy programs and the food stamp program out of fears that a rule Sign up for the US morning briefing […]

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How a disastrous change in perspective disempowered the left and let the right rise | Jeff Sparrow

October 1, 2018

By dismissing the masses as fools, progressives confirmed all the culture warriors claims In August 2001, the radical writer and lm-maker Michael Moore presented HarperCollins with the manuscript later known as Stupid White Men. It was still being edited when the September 11 attack occurred. In the newly hyper-patriotic environment, the publisher baulked at releasing […]

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John McCain obituary

September 20, 2018

Patriotic senator and Republican presidential candidate admired for his bravery as a prisoner in Hanoi, and for his readiness to speak truth to power William Buckley said McCain was conservative but not a conservative conservative, that is, in his instincts and beliefs, but not a member of the conservative movement. Barack Obama, McCains victorious rival […]

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US Democrats are struggling to make sense of a socialist surge | Anne McElvoy

September 10, 2018

Anti-Trump activists such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of the Democratic Socialists of America have galvanised disillusioned voters On the well-kept shores of Marthas Vineyard, Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Obamas arrived this month, still drawing their respective following of acolytes for book signings, cocktail parties and informal think-ins about what Democrats need to do to […]

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Chicago’s deadly summer: guns, gangs and the legacy of racial inequality

September 8, 2018

In a city torn by gun violence, many say the crisis is inseparable from a history of segregation and systemic neglect A young black woman in shorts and a cropped white top decorated with a purple sequined dollar sign spins and pouts for her own camera as a rapper sings you aint gonna see me […]

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Paul Manafort trial: prosecutors seek to paint picture of luxe lifestyle

August 12, 2018

Stunning stories of expenses emerged as prosecutors suggested Rick Gates may not testify, surprising observers Leave out the home renovations. No pictures of fancy suits. Dont call them oligarchs. And no eye-rolling. The second day of the trial of former Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort saw the presiding judge, TS Ellis III, issue a […]

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Paul Manafort trial is first court test for special counsel Robert Mueller

August 9, 2018

Former Trump campaign manager appears in Virginia but focus will be on financial dealings and luxury lifestyle As a hotshot global political consultant, Paul Manafort traveled between Kiev and luxury homes in New York, Virginia and Florida. On Tuesday morning in Virginia he traveled about 100 yards, from the Alexandria Detention Center to the Albert […]

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‘Flaming feminist’ Ruth Bader Ginsburg wants five more years at least

July 31, 2018

The supreme court justice, a hero to liberals as Trumps second nominee threatens a right turn, spoke in New York on Sunday Supreme court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg called herself a Brett Kavanaugh to replace him, aiming to push the court right for decades. RBG, and has even had her daily fitness routine scrutinized. Twice […]

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Independence, Missouri: tribalism, the flag and 4 July in the age of Trump

July 18, 2018

In a small midwestern town, memories of President Harry Truman fuel hope for a brighter American future Its so omnipresent, you longer notice it. On poles outside the historic courthouse and a nearby office building. In a window display at a kitchenware store and on a heart-shaped table in an antiques shop. Above neatly mown […]

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