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Our take on Kylie Jenner on the cover of Forbes! Is she self-made?

Cardi B gives birth and her wild baby name!

Is Meghan Markle spending too much on clothes?

Taylor Swift destroys people!

Is Tori Spelling a professional scammer?

Lamar Odom‘s shocking move!

Johnny Depp is scummy!

Ariana Grande gets political!

Logan Paul‘s new celeb girlfriend!

Papa John‘s N-word controversy! Their pizza is cancelled!

And all of today’s hottest topics, including George Clooney, Justin Bieber, Sarah Palin, Iggy Azalea, Demi Lovato, Lena Dunham, Andy Dick, Gloria Estefan and MORE!

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KYLIE JENNER does Forbes:

KYLIE JENNER rebranding:

CARDI B’s baby:

TAYLOR SWIFT DJ speaks nonsense:

TORI SPELLING vs Four Seasons hotel:

MEGHAN MARKLE’s wardrobe controversy:

LAMAR ODOM moving to China:

GEORGE CLOONEY’s scary accident video:

PAPA JOHN’s founder uses N-word:

SARAH PALIN fooled by Sacha Baron Cohen:

ARIANA GRANDE speaks up:

IGGY AZALEA wants a medal:

LENA DUNHAM loves her curves:

ANDY DICK is a predator, claims colleague:

JOHNNY DEPP’s new tattoo:

JUSTIN BIEBER’s new ring:

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